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Mortgage Checklist


Supporting Documents

ContractProvide a copy of the sales contract and/or the name and contact information for the title company where the contract has been escrowed.

IdentificationProvide copies of the each borrowers Driver’s License and Social Security Card: alternate forms for confirmation of Social Security numbers are available if the cards cannot be located and other forms of identification may be used instead of a Driver’s License: see your Kleberg Bank representative.  If you are a current Kleberg Bank Customer you may not need to provide these items. 

Income ConfirmationProvide current pay stubs for each borrower for a 30 day period and copies of the most recent W2s forms for each borrower.  Self-employed borrowers should provide a complete copy of personal and business tax returns for each of the last two years.

Additional Income Provide statements and/or documents to confirm additional income (i.e. - retirement, social security, disability, alimony or child support).

Bank StatementsProvide a copy of each bank and investment account statement (we can provide statements for your Kleberg Bank accounts).



Loans to Refinance Existing Debt or for Cash

Settlement StatementProvide a copy of the (HUD-1) settlement statement from the purchase or most recent refinance of the subject property.

Survey Provide a copy of the existing survey on the property.  Please let us know if there have been any additions to the property since the survey was completed.

Loan DocumentsProvide a copy of the existing promissory note on the property.

Mortgage StatementProvide a copy of the most recent statement if the loan is not with Kleberg Bank.

InsuranceProvide a copy of the homeowner’s insurance declaration page.

TaxesProvide a copy of the paid tax receipt (only if the tax payment has not been posted on the tax appraisal website).


 Insurance Needed If Purchasing A Home

If you are purchasing a home, please start the process to purchase homeowner’s insurance.  Typically, the policy will need to be for at least the amount of your loan; however, there are exceptions and you may want to insure the home for more than the amount of the loan.  Your insurance agent can assist you with the policy that is best for you. You may also want Flood Insurance and if the property is located in a flood zone, flood insurance is required by federal law.  Windstorm insurance may be a separate policy: it depends on the location of the property.  Please complete the insurance application and provide us with the name and contact information for your agent: we will contact the agent to obtain the documents needed for closing.

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